Autumn Colors 2010

Last weekend, I took a bike ride in western Tokyo. Autumn colors were beautiful.

Right by Inokashira Koen, Mitaka-shi.

Gingko trees in Seibi Koen, Suginami-ku.

A stream at the mouth of Kandagawa, Mitaka-shi.

A pond in Wadabori Koen Park, Suginami-ku.

A nice little park by Zempukuji River, Suginami-ku.

My shadow on fallen cherry leaves.

Beautifully colored leaves were found at Musashino Park, Koganei-shi.

Another picture of different trees in Musashino Park.
Susuki grass in Nogawa Park, Chofu-shi.


dbp said...

Beautiful! You guys are about one month behind us, all our leaves are long-gone.

datadawak said...

Thank you for your comment. It is now almost gone.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures of such a lovely place! Thank you for posting all the up dates from Kichijoji-I use to live there!