Photos of Fliying Out of Tokyo

I had a couple of trips away from Tokyo this week. The weather was clear, so I could enjoy the views out of the windows of the airplanes.

On Wednesday, our airplane took off towards the west. Here's the view of Haneda Airport. The long rectangular extension on the right is the new runway that was completed last year. The river is Tama River right next to the airport and on the other side to the left is the city of Kawasaki.

A few minutes later, we flew over the city of Yokohama. The bridge at the bottom right is Yokohama Bay Bridge.

Thursday morning, the airplane- after taking off from Haneda the airplane flew on the east side of Tokyo. This one is looking westward. The big river is Arakawa River. The mountain with the white cap is of course Mt. Fuji.

On the same flight we flew by Mt. Fuji. This is a view from the north side.

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