Kanazawa hill run

On Wednesday morning, I managed to run up Utatsuyama Park in Kanazawa.  It is the hilly area on the east side of the castle.

This was towards the start - many steps to one of many temples there.

The area was very hilly, green, and beautiful.  This is the flower and tree garden - it has over 8,000 bushes of 12 different types of azaleas. 

A typical of the trails of the park.

The view of Kanazawa from the observatory at the top.  I learned that through Edo Period, commoners were not allowed to climb to this area because from here one could look down upon the castle.

Back down to the city - running along Asano River.

This run was a different route from my usual in Kanazawa - and it was very enjoyable.  My reports on previous visits - May 2009, January 2010, and February 2012.

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