Beppu - Steamy!

Beppu is definitely unlike many other cities of Japan. It is famous for its hot springs and all over the city, there are steams coming out of the ground.  I think, usually, people would stay away from being too close from such things, but in this city, they are just parts of everyday scene.

Kannawa district of the city is famous for "Hell"s Kitchen".   You can bring food (or buy them there) to be cooked by the natural steam.

Here, you can drink the hot water that comes out of Oni's mouth.  It was a bit salty - recommended amount was to drink 1/3 the cup.

You can also dip your feet in Ashi-yu or foot spa.

There were interesting huts in Myoban Onsen district.

Insidea hut  - "growing" Yunohana  (Hot water flowers) - mineral from hot springs.

Up in the air were hawks.  

Had a warm day - went up to 14 deg. C!  Nice break from cold days.


Lisa said...

I would like to try the foot spa!

datadawak said...

It's very nice!