Golden Week 2013 Runs and Walks

Today is the last day of Golden Week in Japan.  We were blessed with nice weather - I enjoyed running and walking in near-by parks and gardens.

Beautiful wisteria (Fuji in Japanese) in Koganei Park.

Woody area of Koganai Park.

Beautiful camelia (Tsutsuji in Japanese) in front of the restaurant.

Boys pose for a photo with Siberian iris (Ayame in Japanese) in Jindai Botanical Garden.

Unusual wisteria (Yaekokuryu in Japanese) in the botanical garden.

A jade vine (Hisuikazura in Japanese) in the tropical green house.

A soba restaurant was very busy at lunch time.

White wisteria tree by the station.

After a total of 7 days off out of 10 days, it will be back to usual tomorrow.

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