Running on the Snow in Nanto

In the morning of the day before yesterday, I had a great run in Nanto.

The parking lot of my hotel - around 6:30 am.

Snow was very fresh.

My footsteps on the snow.

Rice fields were of course covered with snow.

An old sign of the neighboring town - Inami.

Entrance to a local shrine.

An interesting memorial stone figure.

A playground.

Some roads have snow melting device (pumps out water from underground).

A beautiful sunrise.

Usually, small country roads had snow on them like this.

My shadow seen on the snow.

A local railroad track of Johana Line.

Trees are lined up on a road in Fukuno.

A close us of one of the trees - with snow on branches.

When possible, I like to run on the snow.  My feet got soaked, but it was so beautiful and enjoyable.

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