Inokashira Pond Clean Up

The pond of Inokashira Park is being cleaned up right now.  The organizer has drained most of the water out of the pond.


People looking at the unusual situation at Nanai Bridge.

Swan boats were kept in the pond.

- whereas regular paddle boats were relocated.

There are many things that should not be in the pond.

Here's a shopping cart.

The organizers and volunteers took all the fish out of the pond to inspect them.

They found that over 90 % of them are foreign fish.

Population of local fish have been decreasing.

There are some turtles, too.

The pond will be dried for about one month before clean water and only local plants and fish will be put back in March.  Hopefully, this effort will be fruitful and the pond's environmental condition will be improved.


evewhat said...

Wow great pictures! I wish I was there to see what will be found at the bottom of the lake. Thank you as always for the great kichijoji updates.

datadawak said...

Thank you for visiting. The bottom of the pond is not pretty. They found some 200 bicycles, 4 motor bikes, construction materials, golf bags, home electronics devices, etc. Luckily, there were no dead bodies...

Here are links to other people's photos:

Here's a news clip with a video:

evewhat said...

Wow I can believe the amount of bicycles, I often heard loud splashes during the cherry blossom time and often thought what might be going in to the pond. In New York City they drained a local pond a few years ago and found 4 cars with bodies in them..

datadawak said...

Guess it was better than NY. Thank you so much for your comments.