Rakuten Stadium

I was in Sendai last week.  In a cool morning of last Friday, I ran from the train station to the baseball stadium.

The poster announcing the exchange games between the Central and Pacific Leagues of Japanese Professional Baseball League at the train station.

A poster of the local businesses supporting Rakuten Eagles - last season's Japanese champions.  

This is the tenth year of the team.

Some players used to play for the Majors - including Andruw Jones.

Rakuten Kobo Stadium entrance area.

The third base stand is being extended to allow for more supporters.

This is how it will be after the completion (expected in August).

Seattle Mariners' Hisashi Iwakuma and New York Yankees' Masahiro Tanaka played for Rakuten until 2011 and the last year, respectively.  This year, as of 15 June, the team is at the bottom of the Pacific League ranking with 24-35.  Hopefully, they will make a comeback.

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