Irvine Runs

I spent over one week in Irvine, California.  I had a very nice relaxing time and several runs around the city.

My first run - I went over Interstate 405.

This is the very northern tip of the North Lake of Woodbridge.

The view of North Lake.

The second time, I ran through UCI.  Engineering students were working on their human powered aircraft.

Vista Bonita Park in University Hills.

At the top of the trail were two chairs - later, I could see them on Google Map, also.

My third run was to east to  Quail Hill and down south and around.  Had to watch out for some dangerous stuff.

A view of Quail Hill Preserve from the trail by I-405.

A view from atop a hill in Quail Hill Preserve.

Another view.

The loop in the Preserve.

 Shady Canyon TrailI - many cyclists

The last run - I along San Diego Creek again, but this time north-east ward.  

Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course.

San Diego Creek.

Woodbridge Community Park.

A wooden bridge over South Lake.

A view of South Lake from the wooden bridge.

I could log about 70 km altogether!

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