Imizu-Kaiwomaru Marathon 2014

I participated in a brand new run - Imizu-Kaiowomaru Marathon 2014 in Toyama.  It was actually a half-marathon.

The run started right next to the beautiful ship.

Shinminato Ohashi Bridge seen from the starting line.

Going up on the bridge.

From the bridge looking at Kaiwomaru.

Getting close to the western tower.

At the middle of the span of the bridge.

Looking back at the eastern tower.

Solar panels by the bridge.

 When I came back, the award ceremony at was already going on at Kaiwomaru Park.

The route of the entire run.

It was a very sunny day - got a bit too hot for my comfort, but enjoyed the run very much.

Next year, there will be a full marathon race to celebrate the opening of Hokuriku Shinkansen in November.

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