Fukushima Walk

I was back in the City of Fukushima this week - and had a nice walk this morning.

Bicycles parking below an elevated road.

A bus stop close from the Prefecture Office.

Osaragibashi - a truss bridge spans over Abukuma River.

The river seen from Osaragi Bridge.

The bridge seen from the river.

A drain system in case of high water.

A playground by the river.

A Tenjin Shrine.

Rocks of Koshin.

Tenjin Bridge.

The sunrise seen from Tenjin Bridge.

Gas tanks close from Tohoku Shinkansen track.

Western Entrance of Fukushima Station.

A monument on the west side a memorial for Yuji Koseki - a local musician composer.

A long underground corridor between east and west side of the station.

An interesting clock on the east side of the station.

The eastern entrance to the station.

The figure of Yuji Koseki.

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