Hibiya Park Walk (again)

I had time to walk around Hibiya Park at lunch time on Wednesday.  This is one of the oldest public parks in Tokyo and is in the center of the city and I visited it just about 4 years ago.

North-eastern entrance gate (Iwaida Mon) - straight ahead is Mikasayama mound.

A view of from the top of Mikasayama of tall buildings in the direction of Tokyo Station.

Shinji Ike - literally means "Heart Character Pond"

A bust of Dr. Jose Rizal - Philippines Hero.

Scandinavian Epitaph

Pelican fountains

A man was buying his lunch at a food stand.

The brown building is Imperial Hotel..

Hibiya Public Hall is located at the western end of the park. 

Takarakuji (Japanese Public Lottery) selling van was parked in the park.

It was a relaxing and pleasant walk between my meetings.

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