Oizumi and Wako Parks

This morning, I checked the map and decided to run to Oizumi Chuo Park and Wako Jurin Park.  These parks are right next to each other - Oizumi in Nerima Ward in Tokyo Prefecture and Wako in Saitama Prefecture.

The entrance to Oizumi Chuo Park at the southwest corner.

The map of the Oizumi Chuo Park.  It has a baseball field and a track.

The baseball field.

Across a street to the north - the Wako Park .

The map of Wako Jurin Park - north pointing down.  The grassy area of the above photo on the east side.

"Jurin" means "trees" - there are many of them.

Found plum blossom in the park - it means the spring is approaching.

There is a nice running track.

A soccer pitch inside the running track back in Oizumi Park - lawn was ruined.

A playground - but very few children at 9 in the cold morning.

The sign says - Tokyo Metropolitan District.  Crossing back towards home.

The elevated road seen in the back is Tokyo Gaikan (Outer Ring) Expressway.

This was one of the longest runs I took this year.  Got rained on a bit, but very enjoyable.

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