Inokashira Pond Drying (again)

When I took a walk in Inokashira Park, yesterday.  I noticed that the main pond was getting drained again (the last time was about 2 years ago).

Looking towards Nanaibashi Bridge.

A man in a middle of the pond inspecting something.

Seagulls were gathering.

A man checking the bucket.

At Hyotanbashi Bridge, the water was flowing the wrong way.

A big piping system to drain the pond at Hyotan-Ike by the main pond.

 A man was fixing something by the start of Kanda River.

There were far less than usual number of people at the park for it was cold.

"The Reader Guy" was there.

So was the keyboard guy.

Some children were playing at the slide.

The Art Market was on.

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