A Nice Morning Run in Iida

I had a great run - early this morning in Iida, Nagano..  The air was cool and the weather was great!

This is the hotel I stayed - had a great view for it sat on a hill.  It used to have a samurai lord's fortress.

Beautiful yellow flowers.

JR Iida Line rail tracks.

Motozenkoji Temple - the original of the famous Zenkoji Temple that is said to be established in 602.

Asazumi Shrine - the main shrine of the village of Zakoji.

The building of the former Zakoji Elementary School.

Apple orchards.

Rice field.

A cycling team for today's race.

This is Ginza 4-Chome street - quite different from the one in Tokyo.

A statue of a traveling Buddhist monk - Kukai.

Otemachi Elementary School - established 1872.

Nagahime Shrine sits where used to be Iida Castle since 1900.

The garden of my hotel.

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