Three-Day Weekend in Kichijoji

Today was "Taiiku no Hi" or Health and Sports Day in Japan.  This made this weekend one of many Three-Day Weekends.

I could relax at my home and enjoyed running and walking around our neighborhood.

The rain of Saturday made the Paper Plane Competition not so pleasant at Chuo Park.

Kids were still playing soccer, though.

"Karin" or Pseudocydonia in a yard of a neighbor's yard.

The resident Manga Reader at Inokashira Park on Sunday.

Kids were playing with Sylvanian Families playhouse.

Art Salon Booth.

An Anime Song Concert was happening at the stage.

 Art Market Booths at the Park this afternoon.

As usual, many people waiting at Iseya Yakitori Restaurant.

Many boats at the pond

Performers were gathering crowds.

A jazz band at Sunroad this evening.

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