A Beautiful Run on a Holiday

Today is a holiday here - Labor Thanksgiving Day.  On this cool day, I had a nice run in our neighborhood in western Tokyo.

Leaves are really falling - these on our home tile outside.

A little park by Kugayama Station.

Pretty yellow fallen leaves.

A herron in Kanda River by Takaido Station.

Poplar leaves.

A maple on a pavement.

A park south of Fujimigaoka Station.

More fallen leaves.

A Japanese maple tree along Tamagawa Josui.

A trail by Hosei High School.

A trail by Inokashira Park.

Benten Ike Pond in Inokashira Park.

Looking towards the zoo across the pond.

A swan boat on Inokashira Park.

This was a very nice and relaxed run.

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