A Beautiful Run in Redwood City

Last Saturday morning, I enjoyed a very nice run in Redwood City, CA.  This was my first time to stay in this city.  As usual, I did not have enough time, but could get to learn a bit about the area.

A local market close from my hotel.

A beautiful tree in the residential area.

A pair of geese in a marsh.

A beautiful office buildings at the end of the peninsula.

A view of San Francisco Bay.

Ships were leaving.

Rail tracks.

A nice art on a sidewalk.

 A new building was being built.

The old courthouse is now a history museum.

Home appliances from the 20th century.

Beautiful dresses of immigrants.

A stagecoach.

The city gate by the train station.

A spacious and nice area of Sequoia High School

The city is celebrating the 150th year.

Redwood City is beaufitul.

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