Queueing Up in Kichijoji

I had nice walks in Kichijoji today.  Did not rain, although the weatherman said it would.  I saw many stores and restaurants where people were queueing up.

Rojiura Curry Samurai - very popular curry restaurant.

Bicycle parking behind Tokyu Department Store.

Satou Menchi Katsu - always a long line.

SAFARI used clothing store was having a 50%-off sale today.

Another view of the queue of SAFAFI.

Iseya Yakitori - people waiting for it to open.

Children enjoying a show at the park.

Mahikamano - a hammock cafe.

Satou - later in the afternoon - still very long line.

Shuffle -  a "Live House" or music bar.

A clothing store on Hirosue-dori street.

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