Scenes From Recent Runs

It is now definitely autumn here in Tokyo.  Colors of leaves are beautiful - many had fallen actually.  I am posting photos from my recent runs close from my home.

Saturday before last:
Pokemon Go? - by Inokashira Park.

Cute little fruits.

Sakura blossom out of season and coloring leaves.

The next day - it was a beautiful day:

Inokashira Pond.

Families on a pedestrian bridge over the train tracks by Mitaka Station.

A farmer tending the onion field.

A fun activity by Musashino City Hall.

The sun in the tree branches at Seikei University.

Early last Wednesday morning:

The intersection of Inokashira dori and Kanpachi.

Inokashira Pond seen from Hyotanbashi Bridge - it was raining.

Last Saturday:

Nobody at a playground in Inokashira.

Children at play at Nishi En.

A beautiful leaves - Jindaiji.

A daikon field.

Fallen leaves close from Mitakadai Station.

Inokashira Koen Station - high school students were leaving.

A row boat and beautiful leaves at Inokashira Pond.

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