A Nice Run to and Back from Roka Koshun-en Park

On Saturday, I could go for a nice run to Roka Koshun-en Park and leisurely came back.

Beautiful plum blossoms close from my home.

Pillars of Chuo Expressway south of Kugayama are painted for the playground.

A mascot for a pharmacy.

Karasuyama Shrine in Setagaya.

Plum trees of Roka Koshun-en Park.

A big part of the park is currently under renovation.

A playground area of the west side of the park.

Mizunashigawa (River with no water) Walkway - used to be a little rive.  The river was covered to make this walkway since the 1970s.

A kindergarten bus with famous Japanese cartoon characters.

More Mizunashigawa walkway heading north.

A major construction area for Gaikan (Outer Ring) Expressway's new Chuo Junction.

A farmer's house adjacent to the construction area.

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