More Hanami Runs 2019

This year, cherry blossoms in Tokyo are lasting for a long time for the temperature dropped often.  For that, people could enjoy Hanami again all through this weekend.

I had an early morning run last Wednesday.

Our local little Jizo.

A heron was at Hyotan Ike Pond.

Inokashira Pond.

Swan Boats.

The pond viewed from the western shore.

Elderly people doing Radio Taiso.

On Saturday, I ran in the mid-morning.  It was much warmer yesterday.

A nice cherry blossom on Suehiro-dori.

A Chinese gate at Tateno Park.

A cute boar figure at the Chuo Park.

Nice cherry blossoms at Chuo Park.

Sekimae Park.

Cherry blossom drapes over Tamagawa Josui.

Back at Inokashira Park - by Pepa Cafe Forest restaurant.

And today, I ran in late morning.

Sankaku Hiroba Park.

"Yamabuki" or Japanese Kerria.

Beautiful pink and red flowers along Kanda River.

"Nanohana" or Rapeseed.

Hana to Midori Park.

A playground.

Beautiful flowers on the both sides of a street.

A big tree of cherry.

A playground at Inokashira Park.

Nish-En area of the park.

A crepe restaurant in the park.

A trail by the pond - new young leaves are pretty now.

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