Runs in Rainy Season

We are in a middle of Tsuyu Season in Tokyo.  I could put in a couple of nice runs in between rains.

On Friday morning, I ran about 10 K.

A battery-assisted bicycle for carrying a child.

Beautiful hydrangea.

Pretty flowers in Chuo Koen Park.

Figurines displayed on an HVAC unit of a restaurant.

This morning, I went for a nice long run.

Inokashira Pond has many water grass growth these days.

Kaitsuburi - Little grebe.

A community farm.

A father and son play at Kuriyama Park.

Baseball practice at an elementary school.

Stray cats.

 Paintings of kindergarten children.

Hellow Kitty road barriers of a new road.

Ume - plum fruits.

 Back at Inokashira Pond - very green now.

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