Running Back from Iidabashi

Yesterday, I ran from Iidabashi Station to home.  It was a nice and cool morning.  I saw many interesting things along the way - shrines, festival mikoshi, etc. along the way.

Rugby World Cup 2019 will commence, soon - a banner by Iidabashi 

A construction is going on by the station.

 Cute figurines on display.

A statue of Natsume Soseki.

A small alley.

A baseball game by little boys.

Atop Hakone Yama in Toyama Park.

Bicycles parked by an high-rise apartment building.

Koshin statues in front of a temple in Shin Okubo area.

K-Pop stars' posters.

A truck with rebars close from Shinjuku.

A little shrine was getting ready for Matsuri.

Big billboards advertisements.

A construction site - it is one construction site that goes around another building.

Mikoshi displayed close from Shin Nakano.

Pigeons in Umesato Park, Suginami.

Very cool painting on a wall.

A playground by Chuo-Line train track.

One of the Kichijoji Matsuri gathering points.

Totoro in front of a famous Shu Cream store.

Another Matsuri group.

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