Runs After the Storm

Tokyo was hit by one of the biggest typhoon in Japan's history on Saturday.  Luckily, our neighborhood was OK.

Next day, it really cleared up.

Couples sit by the pond.

Water was pouring out of a side of the trail.

The pond had many leaves fell into the pond.

Trails had fallen leaves, too.

The weather really cleared up.

Mt. Fuji was seen from the pedestrian bridge by Mitaka Station.

Acorns fallen on the ground of a playground.

Cute wooden boars - this year's animal.

Children were learning to play rugby.  Japan played against Scotland in the evening.

But today, the weather turned wet.

A duck figures by a playground in Suginami.

A street leading to Nishi-Eifuku Station.

Shinto Prayer was being conducted in the shrine.

Children playing soccer in the rain.

This tree branch in Zenpukujigawa Park could not survive the storm.

A telephone company fixing a problem.

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Unknown said...

Found your blog! So glad to hear your neighborhood took the triple whammy well.