My First Run in 40 Days (in Utsunomiya)

I am so happy that I could go for a run this morning.  Since 27 October, I have been absent from it.  I enjoyed a slow nice run from my hotel on the east side of Utsunomiya Station.

A temple close from the station on the east side.

A walk way below the JR train tracks.

A temple west of the station.

A restaurant that used to be a warehouse made of Oya Ishi.

An electricity transformer sub-station by Hachiman Yama Park.

A pedestrian suspension bridge in the park.

My shadow seen from the bridge.

Utsunomiya Tower and a painting on a building.

Fallen Gingko leaves.

Times of different cities.

Torii of Futaarayama Shrine.

Utsunomiya Station.

People waiting for buses.

Gyoza restaurants on the east side.

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