The Longest Run of the Year, So Far.

I had the longest run of this year so far, yesterday morning.  In a beautiful weather, I went all the way to Nishi-Tokyo Ikoinomori Park.

The old house on Nakamichi-dori shopping street.

Another little park.

Awasu Jinja Shrine - said to have been established in 1752.

Cherry blossom petals in front of Tanashi High School entrance.

Social Distancing was going well at this play field.

A little park with a pretty cherry tree.

A farm field - can see Skytower West Tokyo in a distance.

Finally arrived at the park.

Tall trees - can see some runners on the trail.

Woody area.

More runners.

The approach to the park on the east side.

An old man was trying to hang his trousers.

Tokyo gas tanks by Ome Kaido.

Senkawa Josui - made in 1696 to provide water to this area..

A street towards Musashino City Hall.

A roadwork was going on although it was Sunday.

Musashino Sports Complex is closed due to Coronavirus problem.

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