Tateshina Runs - Obon

I am staying in beautiful Tateshina Highland this week.  I am enjoying running around the area.

Sunday morning, I just went around the resort area.  It was a cool and misty.

Found an entrance to the Tateshina-yama climbing trek course.

Very clean mountain water seeping out - by Venus Line Highway.

A little Torii by Venas Line.

Monday morning, it was very clear.

A beautiful view of Yatsugatake Mountains.

Ski lifts of the ski resort nearby.

An entrance of the climbing course of Kita-Yatsugatake.

Nice to have cell phone reception.

Beautiful field with lavender.

Encountered this little snake - found later that it was quite poisonous!

Yesterday morning, I checked out the hiking trail of the resort.

This is the entrance to the hike.

Direction markings were very good.  The altitude of this point was 1,860 m.

The scenes of my run.

There were many dragonflies in the air.

The trail came to the ski slope.

The ropeway tower and cables.

Hoof marks - must be Japanese Sika deer.

And I came back down to the resort through this trail.

And this morning, I ran on Venus Line again.

The highway.

The area is quite rocky - volcanic.

 Yatsugatake Mountain view.

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