Final Runs of May

I could put in 4 nice morning runs this week.

On Monday, I did not have much time, so could not go very far.

This is actually a pretty good sized real estate for Tokyo.

A sedan obviously had an accident.

A toilet of a playground.

Very old house - seriously needs fixing.

This parking garage is filled with flowers - guess the owner has no need for a car.

Wednesday morning, I ran west towards Takaido.

A construction work is underway at a pretty large lot close from Takaido Station.

A chestnut field.

Cabbages were being harvested.

Green onions looked good.

Pretty lilies.

Someone's nice garden.

Friday morning, I stayed around Kichijoji.

Because it rained during the night, these leave were pretty wet.

A small street towards the station.

Vending machines with pretty pictures.

A graffiti on a wall.

A warning sign.

A store shutter with a nice painting.

And yesterday morning, I had a nice long run towards east.


Runners at the track of Wadabori Park.

A heron on a tree by Wadabori Pond.

Bird watchers with big cameras.

Cherry fruits.

A big crane at a construction site on Zenpukuji River.

A Tokyo Olympics banner.

A local Junior High School was having Undokai.

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