Two Local Runs of the Past Week

Because it has been so hot in Tokyo, it has been a bit difficult to do physical activities outside.  But, I could put in two nice morning runs.

Last Wednesday, I could get up early to do a short one.

Mukuge - Rose of Sharon.

Morning Glory.

Takaido Park fixing is continuing.

A father and a son kicking a ball.

A pleasant walk path by Inokashira Park.

And on Saturday, I could go for a more significant run.

There were many people exercising in Nishi-En.

MomijiaoiHibiscus coccineus.

A window of a private resident displays mostly Japanese superheroes.




Kyochikuto - Nerium.

A little rice paddy - it is rare to see such a place around here.

Mini tomatoes.

A display in a post office shows their support for Tokyo 2020.

Pictures by children at Musashino Chuo Park.

People enjoying themselves at the park.

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