Close from where I live is an area of shopping, eating, and drinking.
There, just as many other cities are graffiti.

I don't know the people that make these paintings think they are artists or just being mischievious, but spray painted graffiti seem to be a part of the street scenery these days.

I mostly see them when I jog in the early morning - some are only seen when the strore shutters are closed.

Some are creative and interesting, but others are just junk.
Here I am posting the selected few that were found in half-kilometer radius area.

Most of the "witings" don't make any sense to me - are they coded?

These paintings on the shutters are not seen at all during business hours.

This car owner is lucky that his car did not get painted!

This one is not a graffito, but I think the painter has similar skills as graffiti "artists."

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eonos said...

not good ’’落書き’’.