Midtown Tokyo

Last weekend on Sunday, I visited Tokyo Tower. We decided to climb the stairs up to the lower observatory. 600 steps to the 150 m floor.

This is the view towards the west at the sunset. Tall building on the left is Roppongi Hills (Grand Hyatt) and the right - Tokyo Midtown (Ritz Carlton).

Tokyo Tower was built 50 years ago (1958) and it is 333 m tall.

Today, I was at the Ritz for a meeting. Below is the view towards Shinjuku, a major hub station of Tokyo from the 48th floor of the hotel.
This is the view towards the Imperial Palace (the woody area). The cluster of tall buildings beyond the palace ground to the right is the financial center area by Tokyo Station.
This afternoon, I walked from Tokyo Midtown to Shibuya station. Here's the main intersection of Shibuya where hundreds of pedestrians cross it.


dbp said...

I was interested in the Toyko Tower from your post and so did a little research on it:

--Even though it is taller than the Eiffel Tower, is is much lighter in weight. This is undoubtably due to Eiffel being made of iron, which is much less strong than steel. Also, 1/3 of the steel came from 90 US tanks damaged in the Korean war.

--The tower is designed to withstand strong earthquakes as well as typhoons. Although given the many times it has been destroyed over the years, they should have made it Godzilla-proof.

datadawak said...

I did not know about the steel material coming from US tanks - wow! There now is a plan for the new tower - it will be completed by 2011 with height of 610 m!

dbp said...

Yes, really amazing. I came across the Toyko Sky Tree when I was looking into the Toyko Tower.

nosadawak said...

東京タワーis tall.