Izumo Taisha

Last week, I visited Izumo Taisha in a pouring rain.

The shrine is in Shimane, close from the Sea of Japan and its deity is Okuninushi.

I had a nice and quiet visit to this place that is filled with myths and legends.

Here's the entrance to the shrine. The sign on the right says that the main building is going through a renovation.

The statue depicting Okuninushi with the white rabbit of Inaba.

On the way over from Tokyo, our airplane flew over Mt. Fuji.


John said...

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Fantastic pictures.

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datadawak said...

Thank you for your nice comment.
Please visit again.

James said...

Nice photos!
But Izumo Taisha is in Shimane, not Tottori ^_^

datadawak said...

Thank you for your correction. It is Shimane Prefecture, not Tottori. I always get these two messed up for in Kanji they look similar and also these two prefectures are right next to each other - as you know.