Tokyo - the past and recent

When I was walking in the Tokyo Station, I noticed a head statue situated right by a cigarette vending machine.

The explanation of it said that it is of Jan Joosten van Loodensteijn, a seaman of the wrecked Dutch merchant ship, De Liefde that wrecked a shore of Kyushu. He was brought to Edo (current Tokyo) and met the Shogun - Tokugawa Ieyasu. He even became a samurai. One side of the Tokyo Station is called "Yaesu". It derives from his Japanese name "Yayosu". It is interesting to learn that such a familiar name of a location in Tokyo came from a foreigner!

Tokyo station as seen from Marunouchi side (the opposite of Yaesu side). The renovation is going well - the circular roof is now apparant.

Inside the station.

Below photos are of very recent events. Although not very many people here are Christians, businesses decorate for the Christmas Season.

Trees lit up for Christmas in front of Ritz Carlton Hotel.

The Christmas lighting exhibition at the Ritz.

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