Ueno Park

Last weekend, I went to Ueno Park to see a friend's painting exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

He is an amateur painter, but has gotten many awards.

At the entrance of the museum was a big silver sphere - an interesting exhibit.

Here is the picture titled "Yacht Harbor" painted by my friend. It is a very nice oil paint.

A memorial clock tower for the victims of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and the air raids on Tokyo during the WWII.

At the park, there exhibited a face of the Great Buddha statue that was originally constructed in the 17th Century. It was of course built to pray to easing of people's suffering. The head fell down at the time of the 1923 earthquake. Amazingly, the body of the Buddha statue was donated for the war efforts during the WWII. This is a truly an awful and very sad story.

And of course, the famous statue of Saigo-san (Saigo Takamori) is a very popular sightseeing spot. He is one of the historical figure that achieved the Meiji Restration that led to the modernization of Japan.


dbp said...

I like all the pictures but especially the one of the sphere. A mirrored sphere always contains a mystery: If you can see it, it can see you! Sure enough, when one zooms-in on the picture, the photographer is spotted, lurking in the shadow of the building behind.

Cute children too!

Your friend is very good, to my eye at least. I like the boat picture very much.

datadawak said...

Thank you for your comment. I took several photos of the sphere, but I was very careful at choosing the picture, actually, so I am in the shade so won't be seen! I don't know who the children are, but they were very excited about the polished object. I chose the photo so the size of the sphere can be noticed.

dbp said...

I thought at first that the kids were yours, but then remembered that your daughter is the youngest of the three. In this picture, the boy looks younger than the girl.

I'll say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year here, since our cards will be going out very late: We are going to India in a couple of days so lots of usual holiday stuff has gone undone this year.