Solar Eclipse photos

All over Japan, people could observe an Solar eclipse this morning. I climbed up on our roof for it.

We had special eye glasses to directly look at the sun.  It was amazing!  At around 7:34 of our local time, the moon was perfectly aligned with the sun - making a perfect golden ring.

Unfortunately, it was not possible for me to capture it with my iPhone camera (yes, that's all I had).

I just took a bunch of photos of the sun.  Of course, when I was taking them, I did not know how they will turn out.  Below are two of the many photos I took of the sun.

But interestingly enough, I did capture it!  The below is a close-up of the area right below the bright part of the photo.  For some reason, the eclipse was clearly shown.

At the time of the eclipse, shadows became blurry, as seen in the photograph below.

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