Tokyo Skytree Tour

The celebrated new tower - a 634 meter-tall Tokyo Skytree - will officially open next week.  I was very lucky to be invited to the pre-open viewing of the tower, yesterday.

Had to wait in a line to get in - this is the entrance to the lift.

We were greeted by koto players, a fifty-second-ride to the 350m observation deck. 

This is the view - towards the center of Tokyo.

After another lift-ride to 345 m, we walked up this circular walkway.

Hee's the highest point of the observatory - 451.2 m.

The view from the highest point - towards Senso-ji Temple of Asakusa.

At the 350-m observatory were open glass windows looking straight down - very thrilling.

Inside the observatories, the tube structures of the tower are intensionally left uncovered.  At the right of the structure, the men are taking photos of the same glass window of the previous picture.

The structures of the tower at the bottom and outside of the tower.

Looking straight up at Tokyo Skytree from the bottom of the structure - magnificent!

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