Tokyo Station Renovation Update

Tokyo Station renovation will be completed by this autumn. We can now see the whole of the beautiful brick building.  Below photos are from this morning.

Looking at the north end of the building.  Many commuters coming out of the station.

This is the middle part of the station looking towards north side.

The North Entrance lose-up.

There was an gallery showing the history of Tokyo Station on the barrier for the construction area.

This was the original 1903 design of then called "Central Station" by a Franz Baltzer, a German architect.

The first design version by Kingo Tatsuno.

The final design of the central station by Kingo Tatsuno (1911).

A poscard of the central station celebration its completion in 1914.  After the construction work, it will look very much like this picture.


dbp said...

The older pictures of the station make it look as if there was nothing around back then. Was it innitially built out in the countryside or did the artists leave out all the other buildings?

datadawak said...

Thank you for your comment. The new building is located at the same place as the original - the middle of Tokyo. You can click on "Location" to get Google Map to see where it is. There were no tall buildings around it when it was built in 1914.