Hakodate visit

I made a trip to Hakodate, Hokkaido last weekend. Since it is quite a bit further north from Tokyo, it was still very cool.

Hakodate is a port town, famous for fresh fish.  Here are ships dedicated to catching cuttle fish, seen from an elevated road by the port.

Fresh fish market was open early in the morning.

A dance troop was practicing to participate in a big competition in Sapporo.

The view of Goryokaku from the observation tower right next to it.  This place became a big battle site in 1868 - Battle of Hakodate.

Recently constructed Old Magistrate's Office from some 150 years ago.

Azaleas were still beautiful by the moat of Goryokaku.

Hakodate used to be a big trading port with the Russians.  Here's a Russian church.

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