Rainy Los Angeles Downtown Runs

I spent several days in Los Angeles this week and I could put in two runs. The weather was not very warm - that was unexpected.   I was lucky (?) to see rare Southern California rain during my stay.

My first run was Wednesday.  It was cloudy and cool.

I stayed at a hotel at LA Live!

This is a strange painting at a parking lot.

I learned that they do have some public transportation.

The second time I could run was Friday.  I got hit by a pretty heavy rain.

Some stores are mainly for Spanish speaking people.

The lake at MacArthur Park.

There were geese and ducks enjoying the wet weather.

A major freeway that runs by LA downtown.

A famous hotel in downtown.

Umbrellas were actually used on that morning by pedestrians.

The statue of legendary basketball player -  Magic Johnson by Staples Center.

I learned that the rain - or rather the storm - was one of the most severe ones in the recent history for Los Angeles.  It actually caused some power outages.  The city is not used to getting so much rain.

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