Mineyama Trail Run

My wife and I participated in Mineyama Trail Run yesterday.  It was held in Sagamihara.  The weather was fantastic and the area was of course beautiful.  There were about 1,000 runners gathered for the 14 km run.

The opening ceremony at a elementary school.

The starting line.

Looking down at runners behind me - about 1 km point.

Some points were so narrow, we had to form single file.

Some parts were paved.

Then going back into mountain trail.

The most of the run was in mountains.

The view from the peak - the white on on the right is Mt. Fuji.  This photo was taken after making up a brutal steep hill.

The finish line - joy!

Here's the route traced by MapMyRun.

The altitude graph (in feet vertical and miles horizontal - per Garmin)

This really was my first "REAL" trail run and it was so tough!

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