Back in Ulaanbaatar

I had a pleasure of going back to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia last week.  This time, I did not have much time to explore much, but could put in a run in a morning.  Weather was coo - the altitude of the city is about 1,300 meters.

 A statue of Marco Polo - the famous European that served the Great Khan.

The National Theatre right by my hotel.

Some sort of a monument at a big park south east of the city.

Half-Man Half-Wolf Sculpture at the same park.

Many people were exercising at the park.

There were not many trees there - these must have been recently planted.

A picture of the national hero on a hill.

Newly developed residential buildings.

Many more are being developed.

One of the very few steel structures buildings under construction.

A close up of the steel structure building.

 A football stadium - they are affiliated with the Asian Football Confederation.

The World Cup 2014 will start next month.

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