A Very Nice Run in Zentsuji

I had an enjoyable run in Zentsuji, Kagawa Prefecture yesterday morning.  This was the first time for me to stay there.

The city is the birthplace of Kukai, the founder of Shingon Buddhism.

The entrance gate to the street leading to Zentsuji Temple that is the reason for the name of the city.

The main gate of the temple - it says "the birthplace of Kukai".

The main building of the temple.

View of the Five Story Pagoda.

A statue of Kukai.

The gate to Kongo-ji.

The map of Koshikisan mountain - right by the temple.

The entrance to the trail of Koshikisan - the total distance is 1,080 meters.

At the entrance was a nice warning sign to watch out for wild boars.  It says "If you encounter them - do not excite them or get too close, quietly move away, and, do not feed them."

The lower part of the trail was semi paved.

Towards the top was not so.

The top - altitude 157 meters.

The view from the top was beautiful.

A nice road toward the temple.

Came back again and looking at the temple from a different gate.

An old shopping street - I remember seeing this scene in a Japanese comedy movie - Magare! Spoon.

Funny pictures of a veterinarian hospital.

I look forward to returning there again to explore more.

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