A Cool Run in Mishima

I was back in Mishima for the first time since last March.  Yesterday morning, I could have a nice relaxing run.

This is an entrance to a school, but it used to be that of a military compound before the end of the WWII.

One of the several rivers that run through the city.

Morning glory flowers.

Nice little farm on the north side of the city.

An onion field.

One of the cute statues on the western side of the station.

An art painted on the shutters of a store.

Train track leading to Mishima Station. 

There was a spring with very clear water - south side of the station.

A big ring made of thatch - believed to cleanse the ones that go through it three times in a special order - at Mishima Taisha Shrine.

The rain came later in the morning, but I was lucky to avoid it during the time I was out.  I hope to return there before too long.

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