Fukuoka Castle Ruins

I was back in Fukuoka again, and this morning, I was a bit more organized to visit the ruins of Fukuoka Castle.  It is located about 5 km north west of Hakata Station.  It was cooler and dryer than last week, so it was much easier to run.

The fortress built by Kuroda Kanbeh, Sengoku Period's famous war strategist that was a key figure in the unification of of Japan.

This is a CG re-creation of the castle.

The entry way to Honmaru, the main tower - it is a narrow path and bent - to defend agains the enemies.

The view from the top of the mound where the main tower used to be.

Tamon Turret - on the east side of the castle.

The main entrance way into the fortress.

Lotus flowers were pretty in the remaining part of the former moat.

A part of the former site is now a track field.

The local NHK Station building shows posters of the current Taiga Drama that features Kuroda Kanbeh as the hero.

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