Morning Walk around Inokashira Pond

Yesterday morning, I took a nice walk around Inokashira Park - around "the pond". The weather is getting very cool now and leaves are starting to change color.

There were ducks in the pond.

A runner goes over the bridge by the spring.

The view of the pond from the western tip.

There is a woody area by the zoo.

The Benten Shrine

Another view from the bridge by the aquarium.

Nanaibashi Bridge - spans the pond in the middle part.

Looking towards Nanai-bashi from the southern shore.

A beautiful sunrise over the pond.

People and a dog were walking around the pond.

Looking at the pond from the eastern end - Hyotan Bridge.  Ducks almost hit me.

The playground area by Inokashira Koen Station.

A brook (Kandagawa) by the station.

Looking at the train track (elevated) from a walkway by the brook.

We are heading straight to autumn - mornings and evenings are getting quite chilly.

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