Hanoi View Runs

Yesterday and today, I had nice runs in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Weather is fairly cool at this time of the year.

The rail goes through the city like this.

A big market by Long Bien Bridge.

I ran the whole of the span and back of the historical bridge.

Long Bien Bridge - seen from the west side - very rusted.  The motor traffic is  completely opposite direction from usual - left side.  

Looking north from the middle of the bridge of Red River.

Entrance of the bridge from the opposite (east) side - towards the city.

Back on almost at the end of the west side.

A Chinese temple in the city - can see Chinese characters.  Vietnamese used to use these, but during the French rule, it was abolished.

A poster depicting the 60th anniversary of getting rid of the French Rule.

Hoan Kiem Lake very early this morning - it was too dark to see anything.

An entrance to a department store by the lake.

Aerobics exercisers by Bay Mau Lake - close from my hotel.

A view of Bay Mau Lake.

There were many people walking and doing aerobics.

Ho Chi Minh and Ton Duc Thang - two big historical figures of Vietnam.

The circus is very popular with children.

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