Inokashira Park and Kichijoji Walks

I walked through Inokashira Park and Kichijoji today - at different times.

The park walk was early this morning.

Nish-En (West Park) Track is under construction.

The elevated pedestrian walk to the zoo.

The Moon.

The pond seen from the north side.

The area that is usually filled with people on weekends was still empty.

A street by Kichijoji Station this evening.

A small alley in the shopping area features small restaurants and bars.

Kichijoji Station seen from north west side.

The entrance of SUNROAD shopping street.

Looking at the bus depot by the station on the north side.

The movie theater.

Looking towards the station from Suehiro Dori street.

The weather in Kichijoji area is getting pretty cold now.

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