Hokuriku Shinkansen

The newest Japanese Super Express - Hokuriku Shinkansen opened for service last Saturday.

This is a poster stating it will only be 2 hours 7 min. from Tokyo to Toyama.  It used to take much more than 3 hours until now.

Posters at Tokyo Station - for opening day - 3.14 or March 14.

A TV show reporting of the start of the service on the opening day morning.

I took Kagayaki for Toyama on Monday morning.

Photographers at Toyama Station.

The last stop - Kanazawa's new station.

A huge line at a ticket counter.

Omiyage - Rusk in a souvenir box.

To go to Toyama and Kanazawa, I often took airplanes, but from now on, Shinkansen will be more frequent for sure.

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