A Morning Trail Run in Hong Kong

This morning, I managed to run in the trails of Hong Kong.  I started at my hotel in Wan Chai and went down south with a plan to get to Deep Water Bay.

Wan Chai Gap Road - very steep hill.

Getting pretty high up.

There are some very nice houses up there.

On the other side of the island.

The trail looked like this.

An alarming sign.

A guide post.

I could not make it down to the beach for I ran out of time.  I did not have a map and could not quite figure out the originally planned course.

Had a very nice view, though.  That must be Repulse Bay.
Came back to the city side on a commercial road - bad commuter traffic.

A big construction site seen from Bowen Road.

A street in Wan Chai district.

Next time I run in Hong Kong, I will make it to the beach on the other side!

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